Residential Pest Control

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We all need somewhere we feel secure. Home, undoubtedly, is the place where you feel most safe, secure, and comfortable. Your home is also, probably, your largest investment. If unexpected pests or insects enter your house, they not only cause a nuisance but also put you and your family at potential health risks. Apart from this, they can also damage your property. These unwanted guests make your house a difficult place to live in.

Protecting your home and family from unwanted pests remains our top priority. JoonBug provides effective and efficient residential pest control services to rid your home of any unwanted pests. Using customized methods and techniques for your home, we can control the pests in and around your home. Our professional and knowledgeable team provides exceptional residential services to help to protect your home and KEEP THE BUGS OUT.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our residential pest control services. If the bugs come back, we come back. Service calls between regularly scheduled treatments are FREE! Call us today!

Termite Control

If you see termites, damage may have already been done. These tiny insects have a severe impact on our homes as they damage properties silently and many times enter the home from the ground in tiny, hard to see places. An infestation can be even more difficult to contain once they’ve made it into our homes. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance does not cover termite infestations. Many times, homeowners don’t even realize they have a termite infestation until it’s too late. JoonBug offers preventative services program of residential termite control to help give you peace of mind knowing your home is protected from Formosan and Subterranean termites. With residential termite control treatments using a comprehensive baiting system, we can eliminate the existing termite infestations and help keep them from coming back. To maintain your home’s protection, our annual termite inspection renewals help in ensuring that no new termite activity is present or has occurred.
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Mosquito Control

It is quite a fact that mosquitoes are plentiful here in Texas, especially in the spring and summer months. Our Mosquito Treatment Program targets the areas they nest and thrive in. Whether it’s a one-time event treatment you need or regular ongoing prevention, we have your solution. Our mosquito control treatments are designed to kill mosquitoes and prevent mosquito infestations for your yard or property.

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Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a menace and nobody likes them. They prefer to live in dry soil. Typically they form mounds that can grow up to 18 cm in height. They are very difficult to handle and control. Living in colonies they often extend under the ground at a large distance. These are common in home yards.

Does it seem like you are chasing fire ant mounds throughout your yard? Stop chasing them and let us take care of them for you. Our Fire Ant Control Services includes treating the mounds and can be added to our regular Pest Control Services. We will develop a customized treatment plan that best meets your needs.

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Pest Control and Rodent Control

Our Pest Control consists of a thorough, initial inspection to identify your unique pest control needs. Once we have identified any existing pest problems, we customize a plan to get rid of those pests and to prevent new pest infestations. If you just want to prevent a pest infestation, we will treat all the interior entry points and harborage areas, and perform an outside barrier to keep the bugs out. After the first visit, we will come back quarterly to retreat the outside barrier and sweep down cobwebs and wasp nests. So there’s no need to arrange to be home unless you develop a pest issue. If you do experience a pest problem in between the regularly scheduled quarterly treatments, there is no extra charge for service calls. If you develop a rat or mouse problem, we also offer a Rodent Control Program at an additional fee, and we will also inform you of any areas you may need to seal off to prevent future rodent infestations.

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Cockroach Control Services
( without regular Pest Control Service)

If you see a cockroach in your home, there’s a possibility that there could be many more hiding in your home’s walls, under sinks near pipes, in and around kitchen appliances, cabinets, and other places. Our team offers cockroach control services for all kinds of cockroaches to reduce the risk of having an infestation. Cockroaches reproduce so quickly that trying to treat for them yourself, can prolong the control, or even spread the infestation and make it worse. Our experts effectively locate, target and eliminate existing cockroach colonies in your home and help prevent them from returning.

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Flea & Tick Control Services
(without regular Pest Control Service)

Interior Flea & Tick treatments are included with our regular Pest Control Services.

We also offer a stand alone interior and exterior Flea & Tick Control Service to eliminate a flea or tick infestation.

Effectively eliminating the reproduction cycle.

If you have a problem with fleas or ticks, contact us for a FREE quote.