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Rates for pest control services usually depend on the level of infestation and the treatments necessary to eliminate the pest problem. Every pest situation is different and may require specialized treatments for control, and in some cases multiple visits. Our rates are extremely affordable, and we have payment options to choose from that give you control over how you want to pay for your services. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

When hiring a pest control company, you are getting an industry professional that has gone through training, has experience in dealing with different insects and situations, and is required to attain continued education in their field.  Sure, you can go to one of the big box stores and purchase products to try to eliminate the problem yourself, and many of our customers have done that very same thing, only to get frustrated, or sometimes even making the problem worse. But what our customers have told us, is they would’ve saved money, time, and headaches by just hiring us from the start.

As a full service company, we provide: Pest control, termite control, mosquito control, rodent control, fire ant control, and flea & tick control.

No. Residential customers can stay in their home while we perform their treatment, with the exception of interior flea & tick treatments. While most of our residential treatments are exterior only, we do prefer someone to be home on the first visit so we can perform a preventative interior treatment,   which   will   help   with long-term protection and preventative control.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), mosquito-borne diseases include: Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Chikugunya Virus. These viruses can have mild to severe symptoms, and even cause death in som cases.

Mosquitoes frequently lay their eggs in or near standing water. Removing standing water, and items in your yard such as empty pots, old tires, and barrels that collect rainwater, can reduce the mosquito population.    If you are having an issue with mosquitoes, and you’ve already taken these preventative measures, please call us for a Mosquito Service quote. Our mosquito treatments target the adult mosquitoes as well as the reproductive cycle of mosquitoes.

It is estimated that termites cause more damage than all natural disasters combined! It is highly recommended to have your home professionally inspected at least once a year for termites, by a licensed termite & pest control company. This can allow early detection of new infestations, and any conducive conditions or potential threats that can possibly lead to a termite or pest infestation occurring. Preventative termite treatment services are available as well.

We offer the Trelona Annual Termite Bait Station system.  We customize a strategic plan, based on your home’s footprint and layout, to place the termite bait stations around your home.  These bait stations do not attract subterranean termites toward your home, but are designed to intercept them by taking advantage of their natural habits to randomly forage looking for food.  Once the termites start feeding on the bait, they take it back to the nest or colony and share it with the other members of the colony, effectively attacking them where they live and reducing or eliminating the colony.  

We also know that budgets control almost every decision homeowners make, so we offer several different payment options and service plans to accommodate almost any household budget.

In the event that you see pest activity after, or in-between your regularly scheduled visits, please contact us. We will retreat as often as necessarty to eliminate the pest activity at no additional charge.

We service San Antonio, Universal City, Selma, Cibolo, Live Oak, Converse , Schertz, Kirby, Windcrest, and many more areas in Texas surrounding San Antonio.

We understand that you live a busy life, and we want to make it easy for you to fit us into your schedule. To schedule a FREE inspection & quote:


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